The Secret of Quantum Entanglement

The Secret of Quantum Entanglement


2 thoughts on “The Secret of Quantum Entanglement

  1. Currently EGOCREANET is promoting the ‘idea of a quantum extension of the brain functioning to provide a model of ” quantum cognitivism ” able to open the scientific and artistic creativity to innovative experimentation in AUGMENTED REALITY, indeed more aware of the potential intuitive brain that are expressed by imagination in scientific and in artistic fantasy.
    One area where we have to improve research and consequently the development of communication technology in AR, will be ‘to give greater attention to the communication structures of nano-synapses whose peculiarities of simultaneous communication between different brain areas may be interpreted it in the manner derived from ‘quantum entanglement’, creating a unifying activity holistic development of conscious mental activity.


    For the FET project we will make sure to express it in a form of writing and evaluation required by the call. That will be what we will do from next September.

    Best wishes and thank you for your support and commitment to this project initiative.

    Write to: Paolo Manzelli in Florence ;

    see :

    In addition we are interested to participate as partner to the following FET – Calls :

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