The Secret of Quantum Entanglement

The Secret of Quantum Entanglement


The Magnetic Field of the Electric Current and the Magnetic Induction

I found an interesting equality between the work of the magnetic field on the electric charge and the work of the electric field moving on an equipotential surface, both are zero. This is one more proof that the magnetic field is the result of the parabolic electric field build by the accelerating charges of the electric current. Here is the updated paper:

Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

New ideas for interactions and particles: This paper examines the possibility to origin the Spontaneously Broken Symmetries from the Planck Distribution Law. This way we get a Unification of the Strong, Electromagnetic, and Weak Interactions from the interference occurrences of oscillators. Understanding that the relativistic mass change is the result of the magnetic induction we arrive to the conclusion that the Gravitational Force is also based on the electromagnetic forces, getting a Unified Relativistic Quantum Theory of all 4 Interactions.